The Future of Fordsburg Clinic

Artist impression of the Future of Fordsburg Clinic. The clinic will offer extended hours for patients, More beds, Quality Healthcare and Word class services and facilities. Construction has already began and this promises to be a very Exciting time.

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Quality Health provided by some of the Best Doctors in South Africa.

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World Class Services and Facilities

Fordsburg Clinic prides itself to provide the very best Service to the Community and we are currently upgrading our facility to ensure continued quality healthcare

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Contact Us

Should you require any information about the Clinic do not hesitate to contact us.

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About Us

Welcome to the New home of the Fordsburg Clinic Website.

Offered Specialities

Fordsburg Clinic offers a Wide variety of Specialties including: Dentistry, Anaesthesiology, General Practice, Ophthalmology, Orthodontics, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology, Audiology and Speech Therapy, Dermatology, ENT Surgery, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Maxillo- facial and Oral Surgery.

The Future and Growth

We are embarking on an exciting phase of our History as we have just began Construction on the expansion of the clinic and the upgrading of all our current equipment and facilities. We are constantly striving to provide the best health care for the community.

Fordsburg Clinic offers World Class Health Care in the Heart of Johannesburg